Energy Conservation

MNPS Energy Conservation Program


Energy Conservation Program Mission

MNPS aims to be more environmentally sustainable, conserve resources, reduce utility costs, and prepare students to be stewards of the earth. MNPS Energy program is a multifaceted approach to reducing energy consumption within all district sites and facilities. Program success relies on behavioral and operational change, education, awareness, and constant participation from all staff, faculty, and students. School staff must adhere to the Energy Shutdown Checklists, and HVAC, lighting, and technology recommendations. MNPS is 16% more energy than the national average of similar size school districts.

Energy Savings Goals
  • Reduce District energy usage by 16% by 2024
  • Energy reduction relates to an avoided cost of $10,000,000 over the next 5 years
Tracking & Monitoring

All District electricity and gas consumption is closely tracked and monitored. Audits are performed by an MNPS Energy Team Member for each district site on a quarterly basis. Each of the buildings within MNPS are uniquely constructed and used differently.  These audits examine various energy using factors, including office equipment, appliances, lighting, windows, HVAC, building structure, and behavioral energy usage. 


A report is generated after each site audit to summarize energy use findings and actions needed for successful energy conservation. The reports include updated data, associated energy costs, and specific site goals. They are sent directly to each Principal and are encouraged to be used for staff training, student education, and projects. 


Progress on energy conservation goals and cost achievements is updated monthly in the form of Energy Reports. The reports are used to direct the team to the actions needed and determine sites with high usage that need additional attention.


MNPS Energy Dashboard 

The online Energy Dashboard allows you to see how much energy your school has saved. 

Energy Dashboard