Building, Renovating & Designing

We provide responsible planning, design and construction of school facilities through quality management of time, resources and money.

We currently have several projects in design and two projects under construction.


District Projects in Design

  • Cane Ridge High

    Classroom Addition

    Cane Ridge High School will received a 24 classroom addition to make space for additional teachers excepted to be needed to keep up with the projected student enrollment increase in the coming years. The project will also include technology upgrades to all the existing classrooms in the building, as well.

    Project Details
    • Location
    • Total project square footage: 28,800 SF
    • Allocated funding: $18,840,000
    • Architect: TBD
    • Contractor: TBD
    • Anticipated completion date: August 2023
  • Goodlettsville Elementary

    Replacement Elementary School

    Goodlettsville Elementary will be torn down to make way for a new school facility slated to open in August of 2023. While the building is under construction, the students of Goodlettsville Elementary will attend school at the former Gra-Mar Middle school located at 575 Joyce Lane.
    The new school will be constructed to support 540 students in grades PreK through 5th grade, and include design elements to support student’s sensory experience. To learn more about the project, please watch the February 18, 2021 community presentation.

    Project Details 

  • Lakeview Elementary

    Replacement Middle School

    Lakeview Elementary school will be torn down to make way for a replacement elementary school to be built on the existing school site.

    The new school building will be built to accommodate 800 students in grades PreK through 5th grades. The project will include multiple phases of new building and demolition over several years to complete the project.

    Project Details
  • Cane Ridge

    New Middle School 

    A new Middle School will be constructed in the Cane Ridge Cluster to accommodate 600 students in grades 6th through 8th. The school will serve students from both Eagle View and Cane Ridge Elementary Schools. The new school will alleviate overcrowding at Antioch Middle School.

    Project Details
    • Location: 5557 Mount View Road
    • Total project square footage: TBD
    • Allocated funding: $4.28 million for design.
    • Total Funding: TBD
    • Architect: TBD
    • Contractor: TBD
    • Anticipated completion date: TBD


Projects Under Construction

  • Hillsboro High School

    Renovation & Addition

    The project includes a full renovation of Hillsboro High School plus an addition to the school to expand the space to meet the current school attendance and academic needs as well as planning for future growth. Interior improvements include LED lighting, flexible collaborative furniture, and new technology.

    There will be a new library, cafeteria and kitchen, art spaces, outdoor courtyard areas, community room, and enrollment center. The school will be reorganized with Administrative offices and CTE spaces central to each Academy.



    Project Details
  • Hillwood High School

    Replacement School

    A Replacement Facility for Hillwood High School is being designed for the 274 acre site in Bellevue at the former Hope Park Church location. The new school facility will serve a 1,600 student body in five Career Academies. The building will include modern learning environments which are flexible and technology rich. The 3-story building will be situated on the site along with a new sports complex, parking, and bus access areas.

    The design concept for this new High School draws inspiration from the history and natural beauty of its locale. Adjacent to the Harpeth River, the site was a historic crossroads of industry and commerce where rail lines and roads carried early settlers west and returned raw materials, including timber and Tennessee limestone, east to Nashville.

    Project Details
    • Location: 400 Davidson Road
    • Total project square footage: 315,064 SF
    • Allocated funding: $120,000,000
    • Architect: Hastings Architecture Associates
    • Contractor: Messer Construction
    • Anticipated completion date: August 2023
    • Construction Updates


Completed Projects

Amendment #3 to the Metro Charter, which provides Residency and Low Income Requirements for Metro Government Projects, does not apply to Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. Bids and proposals to MNPS should not reflect these requirements or any costs associated with them.

  • Antioch High School

    Classroom Addition

    This project included a 20 classroom addition to Antioch High School. This project allowed the classes currently in portable buildings on the campus to be moved inside the building.

    Project Details
    • Location: 1900 Hobson Pike
    • Total project square footage: 39,825 SF
    • Allocated funding: $6,900,000
    • Architect: JJCA
    • Contractor: SouthLand Constructors
    • Completed: August 2018
    • Construction Updates


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