Facilities Use

Facilities use reservations have been temporarily suspended for the month of July.

Please check back at the end of July for updated rental application information.


Reserving MNPS Schools & Facilities 

Renting or using MNPS Facilities has been temporarily suspended for the month of July 2022


If you are an outside organization who would like to reserve space in a Metro Nashville Public Schools facility, we'd love to hear from you.
  • First, please take a careful look at our guidelines and procedures.
  • Second, fill out and submit the Facility Use documents.
    • (Documents are currently being updated and facility use is temporarily suspended)
  • If your event or activity meets requirements, submit Facility Request Form. Submissions, along with any other inquiries, should be submitted via email.

Metro Nashville Public Schools' buildings are government property, and we are committed to making sure that our facilities are only used for activities that are edifying to the local community. We aim to facilitate events that are of cultural, recreational or educational merit. 



Payment depends on the specifications of your event and the facility you'd like to rent. The Facility Request Form also includes pricing information. Payment can be made through our Online Payment Portal.


MNPS Facilities are Available For:

  • Activities sponsored by other governmental agencies

  • Lectures

  • Musical programs

  • Recreational programs sponsored by churches or other nonprofit organizations

  • Scouting activities

  • Religious services

  • Non-profit or charitable fund raising

  • Programs sponsored by service clubs

  • Non-partisan political public forums sponsored by a recognized non-profit community or civic group

  • Private practitioners pursuant to DSOP 0013

MNPS Facilities are Not Available For:

  • Gambling in any form

  • Dances (other than school dances)

  • Programs sponsored by commercial agencies for other than educational or governmental purposes

  • Horse shows

  • Programs sponsored by for-profit organizations that are not school-affiliated

  • Private parties, receptions and celebrations

  • Summer Camps (unless approved by the Office of Community Education)

Learn more about renting and using MNPS facilities.


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